Year End Roundup, and 1:49 hour mixtape of our faves of 2013…!

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…Hi, everyone. Here’s this years continual jam for the end of the year sake-of-it.. 38 songs, one hour 49 minutes of play. Sorry? Loved all these bands releases this year. Some were 3 song demos, others came from favrourite full-lengths.. one from a lifer like Sebadoh – who everyone knows, but maybe hasn’t heard for a bit. bands like Eleanor Friedberger & Pissed Jeans that many know and should constantly be reminded are awesome. A few from bands that formed a month ago and maybe aren’t even together anymore. Some CMJ favourites. Some locals who have been around a little while, and released amazing records to little notice. A band whose worst nightmare might be being included on this comp. Anyway, please love it:::


(0:01) Your Dark Sunglasses Won’t Make You Lou Reed: BILL BAIRD [la] :: a timely-by-accident hit I was rocking way before the news hit. Love this song, and Bill is a pop mastermind.
(3:21) Psychic Cat: INVISIBLE HAND [charlottesville] :: Amazing track from my favortite EP this year, “Aja”. Brilliant and such a great underrated pop rock unit they are.
(5:57) Keep The Boy Alive: SEBADOH [westfield, MA] :: This is from their EP ‘Secret’. let it brew, the chorus is one of their best, and that’s saying alot.
(9:46) Palmreader: SONNY & THE SUNSETS [sf] :: Fave track of the masterful new record. Sonny Smith is just the best.
(12:50) And Its Not So Pretty: THE WRONG WORDS [sf] :: Incredible record that maybe you slept on. just buy the thing. A+++
(15:53) Star Gazer: WARM SODA [sf] :: Super shiny glammy pop who should really have a trading card at the bottom of some Wonder Bread somewhere sometime. Love these dudes.
(18:10) Secret Surprise: JOANNA GRUESOME [wales] :: Invigorating to say the least. you know them by now but you don’t mind their on here, right?)
(20:43) Rain: ENGLISH SINGLES [sacramento] :: Boundless eternal god-pop from the sacto wizard Scott Miller (thankfully alive) lord of The Bananas, Ski Instructors, Bright Ideas, Nar and a million other bands.
(22:29) Casting Shadows: LEGS [oakland] :: Nothing entirely new but still the most welcome vibe/sound of all time. Incredible debut record, buy the thing.
(25:25) Dead In The Water: POP ZEUS [brooklyn] :: possibly defunct pop outfit made up of Hector’s Pets and The Memories fellows. Mikey’s hooks are meathook-y.
(28:30) Stare at The Sun: ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER [brooklyn] :: In my opinion, single of the year. The bends in the lyrics float me for days. She’s the best, so individual.
(31.23) Flyin Low, Maria: GUN OUTFIT [olympia] :: Something amazing and sorta late 80’s SST about this record. love it.
(35.00)  Talk About The Weather: COUCHES [sf] :: Catchy casual guitar pop with a real heft, this song reminds me of the great pre-Versus band Flower.
(39:01) Alone With You: DOG DAY [halifax] :: Longtime loves of CS, from the new LP. Can’t beat Dog Day.
(41:42) Small Things: PRE WAR [brooklyn] :: Can’t get enough of their debut record…
(45:49) Fortress: INVISIBLE DAYS [brooklyn] :: Did a residency with these homeys in sept for a reason
(49:36) T A R T O V S K Y: BODEGA BAY :: An underproduced gem of a tune that will warm the heart of whomever you want it to warm. Band shows alot of promise with this tune.
(51:28) Devil Sign: RAD DREAMS [brooklyn] :: Try getting this song out of your skull. Larry Bonk please play more.
(53:49)  Hot Hed: CALIFORNIA X [MA] :: Quality powerampage skate-y rawk less in the Dino J fashion than most people think.
(57:44)  Pale Piss: WEIRD WOMB [nyc] :: Local fungrunge with the pathos we require
(1:00:06) Coffin: EAGULLS [leeds uk]  :: Dark but somehow life-affirming rock from Leeds. love these guys.
(1:03:19) Party City: LAZY ::: [kansas city] :: Party oddballs and super awesome funzos
(1:05:54) McMicken Afternoons: TWEENS [cincinatti] :: New on French Kiss and some of the best vocals of now.
(1:07:43) Malt Licker: NANCY [brooklyn] :: NYC’s version of the Spits, or our new Ramones, u decide.
(1:09:12) All The Lessons: CALL OF THE WILD [brooklyn] :: So much fun live, and killer record.
(1:12:23) Overdrive: AMERICAN SHARKS [austin] :: Fist pumping fast metal party anthems forever ruleOK etc
(1:14:20) Shot: PAMPERS [nyc] :: Amazing, newish, dark and just good.
(1:15:56) Cathouse: PISSED JEANS :: Can do no wrong.
(1:18:26) Lusty Climbing: RASPBERRY BULBS :: Ultimate black metal vibe sewer punk with the riffs and mystique. Feel like an ass describing it.
(1:21:33) Gladhander: GREYS ::  Tight punky fury from Toronto, who are clearly just hatching all this great brooding punk from its treetrunks
(1:23:26) Wojtek: ROOMRUNNER [baltimore] :: Delicious twists and turns from these ex Double dagger princes.
(1:27:31) Yawn Factory: SPRAY PAINT [austin] :: No Wave in the A Frames tradition, which is awesome because I miss that band.
(1:30:06) Det Er Det Her Det Hele Handler Om; Elektrisk Guitar Og Dans: FRISK FRUGT [denmark] :: ex KIRSTEN KETSJER, solo world pop of the highest order by Anders Lauge Meldgaard. Totally unique.
(1:32:22) Las Edades: JUANA MOLINA [argentina] :: haunting folk pop from an old favorite of mine. New gorgeous record.
(1:36:19) MIST (Winter): WHITE HILLS [brooklyn] :: Huge expansive space rock riffs and tons of power from these unsung-ish local mens. Sorry its so long.
(1:42:30) An Old Peasant Like Me: EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY & DAVID WINGO :: found myself listening to this ALL THE TIME. David Wingo is probably my favorite current movie score dude.
(1:46:47) Aerodeliria: THE LOUD FAMILY [RIP Scott Miller] :: Miss this guy with all my heart. Please seek out Game Theory and Loud Family records if you are curious about what pop can be capable of. In alot of ways I see Scott as the Henry Darger of pop. no one sounded/arranged/wrote like him and he was truly his own unique self.

Also loved the crap out these more popular and unpopular releases: KURT VILE’s Waking on a Pretty Daze (*****), DOTT’s “Small Pony”, that MOLLY DRAKE reissue, OH-SEES of course, NOBUNNY, CRASH OF RHINO’s “Opener” (but not so much the rest of the record), AUDACITY [live especially], That PARQUET COURTS EP, DEERHUNTERS truly great ‘MONOMANIA’, JACCO GARDNER, !!!’s fun-ass return with ‘Thr!!!er’, TERRY MALTS, GRANT HART’s wonderous “The Argument”, TEENANGER, OTHER COMFORT’s demo, BOBBY JEALOUSY, HAUSU’s great LP on Hardly Art, This amazing THE LINES reissue that I should have bought three years ago on Acute,  a bunch of metal and thrash I downloaded to aid in running an extra few miles, SLONK DONKERSON, MIKAL CRONIN, SPEEDY ORTIZ, all the great stuff Captured Tracks is reissuing – especially that BIRD NEST ROYS comp, LIQUOR STORE, PAPER FLEET!!, CATE LE BON’s masterful MUG MUSEUM, JOURNALISM, BEACH FOSSILS, DAN FRIEL, JUPITER BOYS demos, KINGSBURY MANX, SURVIVAL, that insane new CHROME outtakes comp….so much more. I have a deadline, so I must stop now. Oh wait..there’s a demos by a band called CONTINUOUS CYCLE OF WHITEFISH, who are making me happy on a daily basis. They might change their name..I’ll let you know.

RIP & NEVER FORGET: the BEST SHOW on WFMU #bestshowforlife, KEVIN AYERS, LOU, NELSON, MICK FARREN [who we had a ham/swiss sandwich named after!], MAX FISH, MOTOR CITY, LIVING ROOM (holy shit, Ludlow!!?!), DEAD HERRING, ZEBULON, BIG SNOW BUFFALO LODGE, CLIVE BURR [iron maiden’s first drummer], JUNIOR MURVIN, BONNIE FRANKLIN, TIM WRIGHT [of DNA], KAREN BLACK, JASON MOLINA, RICHARD STREET [temptations], JOEY LaCAZE [eyehategod], ANDY JOHNS, STROM THORGERSEN [Hipgnosis], ALAN MYERS [of DEVO], FAYE HUNTER, ESTHER WILLIAMS, DONALD BYRD, & GERI LYNN DANIEL [friend and beloved bartender at many of our favourite bars in the east village..we miss you so much already]…

Here’s my actual full-length records/top 7 logged-most-time on my iPhone (keeping this part short for emphasis):

7. ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER “Personal Record [Merge]
6. LEGS “Pass The Ringo” [Loglady]
5. PRE WAR “My Friend, The Enemy” [Self Released]
4. WRONG WORDS “Everything Is Free” [Trouble In Mind]
3. AMERICAN SHARKS “American Sharks” [The End Records]
2. RASPBERRY BULBS “Deformed Worship” [Blackest Ever Black]
1. SONNY & THE SUNSETS “Antenna to the Afterword” [Polyvinyl]

2013 was a good year for CAKE SHOP, ONLY thanks to your patronage and continued love and support. Also thank you to Terrorbird, NYC Taper, and Panache for sticking with us for another run of incredible unforgettable CMJ shows. The people who love us are the best people in the entire universe, and we actually literally love you. Best to you and yours in the new year.

-∂ß and everyone at CAKE SHOP and CAPE SHOK.

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